Queens Quay Revitalization

[subtitle]Harbour Plaza Residences and the Queens Quay Revitalization [/subtitle]

We have talked much about Harbour Plaza Residences vast amenities, transportation access and community benefits. But we have yet to touch on the large revitalization project taking place just one street south of Harbour Plaza Residences.

The Queens Quay is Toronto’s main waterfront street, running east-west from Parliament Street in the east to Bathurst in the west. It has been long overdue for modernization, and after much deliberation the city has already begun work on a large scale improvement that will make the Queens Quay a pedestrian haven.

Residents of Harbour Plaza Residences will see direct benefits from huge pedestrian promenades of 4-7 meters in widths, made from granite. The plan is to bring much needed retail establishments to the region and replicate the success of the Bloor Street corridor. Plans call for dedicated biking trails, huge increases in pedestrian areas and modern landscaping throughout.

Construction of the Queens Quay Revitalization project commenced in the Summer of 2012, and through 3 stages of construction is due to complete in early 2015. Three years before the expected completion date of Harbour Plaza Residences, also the commercial towers under construction around Harbour Plaza Residences are set for completion in 2017, so by the time residents begin to move into their new condos, a brand new, vibrant community has already taken shape.

Reservation of suite has already begun at Harbour Plaza Residences, with contract signing dates to begin in the very near future. Get on the insider list to access this amazing project before anyone else.